We are two friends roadtripping through North-America. Our addiction to the mountains, snow, the ocean and waves has led us to create a plan.
Following our passion, we are travelling in our van to capture photos and moving pictures.
Our project is called Berg and Ocean and you can be part of it!

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Who we are

We are two dedicated creators of digital and printed media. We create videos, photos, websites and all that stuff you can print out. We speak english and german. Sometimes, when we're having a good day we even speak a kind of french and spanish.

Pic of Lennart


Has just finished school and worked in the time between the end of school and the start of this project to earn money for our trip. He is a child of the age of digital filmmaking and is a stickler for details.

Lennart is the young gun of the project and is the one who’s permanently checking out the latest trends. Being the social media specialist of our project, he enjoys spending time on skies, blades and his surfboard.

Pic of Julian


Has successfully finished his studies with a diploma in electrical engineering. He likes to recall his beginnings in creating videos on magnetic tapes.

Julian is the experienced player of the team and takes responsibility of technical issues as well as impersonating the travel manager and navigator. Likewise he loves to spend time on all different kinds of boards and his skies.

Travel Statistics

24,845 mi
Travelled Distance
Days on the Road
5.9 TB
Collected Data

The Story of our Van Conversion

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Our first ever published blog post was about How we started the vanlife thing. We described the whole story of getting a van and fitting it out. Now, we want to focus more on our concept and ideas of the van conversion. We show you more detailed pictures and try to explain what our idea was behind all this. On one hand …

What we do

Our project began in January 2015. We started by fitting out a van, packing all our stuff and hitting the road towards the Rocky Mountains.

Since then, we are making our dream come true - a road trip across North-America. We are living the van life. In winter, we are chasing snow. We love skiing. This perfectly pulled powder line lets our hearts beat faster.

In summer, we follow our passion for surfing and try to catch as many waves as possible. While staying in the Canadian Rocky Mountains for a couple of weeks, we explored a further fondness: rock climbing.

An important point of our travels is the documentation with photos and videos. We like to tell stories - our story, and stories of people we meet along our way. We collaborate with local creatives, sport enthusiasts and people, that share the same passions. At the end of this project, we are going to publish a movie.

We like to get to know new people. Drop us a line if you like to meet us! We’re always down for a ski, climb or surf session, a nice talk at your favorite café or something else!

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