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Thank you!

We have shirts printed with the Berg and Ocean Logo. Maria, David, Leo and Nils put their trust in us and funded the Berg and Ocean collection.

Our families support our project without any restrictions. That’s pretty awesome and helps us making our dream come true.

In the matter of shooting in a studio Marius Butt helped us out. Cheers mate!

Gloryfy supplies us with fresh looking, functional and unbreakable sunglasses and goggles. Thank you for putting your trust in us.

B&W International‘s outdoor.cases keep our gear protected in the toughest conditions. Thank you for the support!

The drawing of our van on the start page was made by Ayano Usamura. Thank you for that. We love it!

We’ve met so many kind people since we’re on the road.

First, there were Christina and Matt who helped us purchasing a van and let us stay at their house for several weeks. We felt like we were part of the family, thank you for that.

Joe supplied us with a lot of helpful information for our project and probably the best coffee of the whole trip. Julia took us along to a „German Stammtisch“ which resulted in a lot of possibilities.

We met Simone and Jelle for example, who helped us with different items like our mattress, hints where we should travel and additional contacts. Furthermore, we met Lothar, who let us use his garage and all of his tools for a day that helped us to fit out our van.

After starting into the Rockies, we stayed with Gabi and her Family for several days. Thanks to her daughters, we experienced the surrounding mountains out of the local’s perspective.

During our stay in Aspen we lived at Jim’s house where we also met Stuart. He guided us through the fresh powder in Aspen the next day.

Henning helped us right from the start of this project with his knowledge on Vans. When we stayed in Oregon, he hosted us for weeks and we worked together on different projects.

Marvin hosted us for a month and let us build our own tipi and took us rafting. Furthermore, we got to know the Stoney First Nation and had the unique opportunity to get several impressions of native spirituality and culture.

We shared good times with Richard. He taught us rock climbing, travelled with us around Banff, Canmore, Lake Louis and Radium. Good vibes all over! Thank you for another great month of this project.

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